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Acne, (sigh) where do I start? I absolutely despise acne. I suffered from it for at least 16 years on my face, my back, my chest. I even had cystic acne in different areas. Dealing with acne of any sort can be depressing, embarrassing and can down right cause you to want to lock yourself in the closet and never come out! I’ve been there I know.

One of the most frustrating things about it is looking up and down isles, searching all over the internet or being prescribed different medications that say they’ll cure your acne problem. The problem with that is that unless you never wash and continue to let dirt and bacteria build up on your face/body, then using the right cleanser is not the problem. Acne is usually a SYMPTOM of a health issue. Some issues include:

  • Hormones – changes related to teenage years (puberty), stress (mentally or physically), menstrual cycles, pregnancy or menopause.
  • Medications – usually medications that affect hormones or emotions such as birth control. If your taking medication, look up the side effects.
  • Cosmetics or hair products – Try to wear makeup for as short of a time span as you can. Hair products that are greasy can clog your pores so if your suffering from acne on your back, head or around your face – try removing that specific product.
  • Excess moisture – caused from weather in humid climates or from sweating. Make sure to cleanse the area throughout the day to help prevent acne.

Now onto the good stuff! Before we start, my skin type is combination/oily. This is what has worked wonders for me and as a bonus it is 100% natural. Eye roll I know, but this is really important to me. It makes no sense to get rid of your acne with more chemicals. And I don’t mean to be dramatic but your skin is the largest organ in your body. Would you dream of rubbing one of those acne medications all over your lungs or heart? Absolutely not, so why would you want to put it on your skin.

  • Cleanser: I am currently using the ClearSkin Foaming Face Wash and I think it’s great. I wouldn’t use any other face wash. It removes my makeup and everything. However, if you are using a face wash that you feel is working for you, keep using it just add in the below regimens. Wash face morning and night.
          • ClearSkin Foaming Face Wash – last about 1-2 months
  • Moisturize, Fight and Protect: This has helped my acne problem tremendously. Add 3 drops Fractionated Coconut Oil and 3 drops of Geranium essential oil in the palm of your hand. Apply it on the face and under the jawline. Let it dry for at least a minute. Apply morning and night.
        • Geranium 15mL(250 drops) Essential Oil – last 1 month if used AM & PM
  • Balance your body’s chemical makeup: Take the Lifelong Vitality Supplements everyday. I’m going to say this once, without this step you will not achieve clear skin. Your body must have balance and you have to provide it with the essentials it needs to help heal itself. This product seriously gives your body everything it needs, makes you feel great and helps you sustain energy throughout the day. The Lifelong Vitality supplements also work to detox your body – which also means your skin so keep in mind it could bring everything up to the surface of your skin – don’t worry just keep at it!!
        • Lifelong Vitality Supplement Pack – last 2 months used AM & PM

If you’re ready to get started with these, just click on this link and follow the directions.